iPad Stuck on Apple Logo? Get Effective Solutions To Treat This Issue

The iPad is one of the devices which Apple manufactures and is a well-known device among the users. But, the reputed brand name that it bears doesn’t signify that it is free from glitches and annoying errors. One of the common issues is the iPad stuck on Apple logo which perplexes the users.

Furthermore, the users wait for the device to start but the Apple logo is perpetually on display. But, when the error takes place, the logo doesn’t go away after the certain default timing. This stirs a sense of confusion among the users which make them seek immediate solutions. In this article, we aim to present detailed guidance about the iPad 2 stuck on Apple logo issue.

But, before moving on to the steps directly that too without the prior knowledge of the issue itself is not recommended. The iPad tends to freeze suddenly and fails to start. Now, such a scenario tends to stop the otherwise normal functioning of the device. Therefore, it is essential to know the reasons for the issue to occur. Hence, stick through to know the probable causes.

Probable Causes for the iPad Stuck on Apple Logo Issue:

The iPad freezes during the time of starting up procedure and displays the Apple logo for a long time. Now, when the users notice its stagnant appearance, they tend to get anxious about it. Also, now that the device refuses to start up, the users panic since they do not know how to resolve it. In this article, we will provide just that. But, before that, it is essential for the users to know the potential reasons for the iPad stuck on Apple logo issue to arise.

The iPad logo gets stuck on the screen due to certain issues during the rebooting procedure. The device, while starting, has to conduct certain essential tasks like checking the memory then turn the processor on, etc. After the iPad turns on, the device has the potential to conduct complex tasks, for instance, browsing the internet as well as supporting the iOS applications.

The iPad gets stuck on the brand logo due to a software issue or a problem with a party security software that is installed on the computer system. For this, make sure to adhere to the underlying effective procedures.

Some Easy and Effective Solutions to Fix the iPad Stuck on Apple Logo Issue:

The Apple logo is an enticing one which most of the users desire to buy. But, what if the brand logo freezes at a particular time in the middle of a procedure? This triggers a sense of panic among Apple users. However, you can fix the iPad stuck on Apple logo easily if you implement effective procedures. The underlying methods are powerful enough to assist you to treat the annoying problem.

Method 1: Hard Reset the iPad Device

Conducting a hard reset on the iPad compels the device to turn off and then turn back on abruptly. Now, this may sound as if one must be harsh on the device. But, this procedure usually fixes the issue in case of a critical problem. To do this, go through this section.

Press and hold down the Power key along with the Home button in unison until the brand logo appears. After that, release both the buttons. In case the device reboots normally, then you are good to go. This temporary fix can resolve the problem entirely. But, if the iPad stuck on Apple logo issue arises again, proceed to the successive procedure.

Method 2: Conflict with the Third-Party

At times, it is a challenge to find the root cause for the problem to manifest. During those times, consider the presence of any third-party application. Sometimes, these applications tend to conflict with the system during the transfer of data or the procedure of updating the iPad. The reboot procedure receives interruption due to the contradictions that the third-party program triggers.

At times, the third-party program that triggers the issue is mostly a security application like an antivirus. They might perceive the iPad as a kind of threat when you connect it to a desktop or a laptop by opening the iTunes.

However, in order to treat the iPad stuck on Apple logo problem, it is necessary for you to disable the application and then check if the things are going as expected. Before connecting it to the iTunes or iPad turn it off. This might easily solve the issue. However, if it does not yield any result, the next procedure can solve it all.

Method 3: Inspect Computer USB Port and Lightning Cord

In this method, we suggest you inspect the system USB port as well as the lightning cord. Make an attempt to conduct this solution if the above-mentioned methods have failed to bring about productive results. Either the lightning cord or the USB port is the culprit in inducing this error. This iPad stuck on Apple logo issue is easily resolvable.

Firstly, inspect the computer system’s USB port and then inspect to see any debris there. Dust and lint tend to prevent the lightning cable from establishing a clean connection to the port of the USB. However, if one fails to work, move on and make an attempt with another one on the computer system.

Secondly, examine both the ends of the lightning cable closely. In case you notice any fraying or discoloration, try using a different cable. If you don’t possess a cable, then get hold of one. However, in case this too fails to bring about the favorable changes, then move on to the next method.

Method 4: Put the iPad in DFU Mode and Restore

If the earlier methods were not of any help, then this procedure is sure to help you out with treating the iPad stuck on Apple logo error. But before that, you must know a thing or two about the DFU mode. This is an in-depth restore which one can conduct in an iPad. Doing this tends to erase all the codes that are controlling the hardware of the iPad. Also, they are reloaded anew. Prior to conducting a DFU restore, we suggest having a backup just so the users don’t lose any of the significant data right after the completion of the restoring process.

In order to put the iPad in DFU mode, one must plug into the system and launch the iTunes. This can treat the error completely with no hassle. Also, it is one of the strongest procedures which can troubleshoot the error.

Method 5: Repairing the iPad

Now, if the above-mentioned problems are insufficient to treat the iPad stuck on Apple logo error, proceed to explore the option of repairing the iPad from the local Apple Store. And of course, do not forget to make an appointment before that!

Wrapping Up

The brand logo is fascinating, we know. But, if the system gets stuck at displaying the logo, it is a problem. However, whatsoever is the problem, we encourage to try your hands on it. Doing this can save you plenty of money as well as time. Simply follow the methods and implement them in order to treat the annoying iPad mini stuck on Apple logo issue comprehensively. If you try to treat it on your own, you get to know the procedure and a little bit about the problem. But, if the problem refuses to go away even after making numerous attempts, only then we suggest referring to professional assistance. Thus, you can solve the issue with no hassle at all.