Is Your iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo? Learn How To Get Unstuck From Apple’s Home Screen

While operating Apple iPhones or iDevices, users are highly susceptible to experience various kinds of technical problems. Out of many such issues, iPhone stuck on Apple logo is the most common one, which is troubling many users. If you are also experiencing this same error, it will not allow you to proceed ahead from your home screen. This means, your device will continue to display the Apple logo until you apply some technical fixes to resolve it. In this article, you will get to learn why your Apple iPhone is booting with this brand logo. Also, if you are interested in knowing the troubleshooting methods to fix this iPhone error, keep reading this content for more updates.  

Why your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo and Doesn’t Move Beyond this Screen?

Getting stagnant with the home screen or Apple logo is a very annoying situation for iPhone users. This not only disrupts your day-to-day work on iDevice but can also indicate critical problems waiting in line for your device. If you are concerned regarding what are the causes due to which iPhone stuck on Apple logo, go through the following information. It will help to understand the major problems in iPhones that can freeze the device along with the Apple icon.

Reasons Behind Getting Stuck with Apple Logo in iPhone:

To know why this issue has hit your iPhone, let’s discuss the top causes of being stuck on Apple’s Home Screen.

Hardware Problem

An iPhone or any other iDevice can stop responding or freezes up due to various kinds of hardware issues. Now, this can mean differently for individual users, which can range from batteries to processors. Hence, if your Apple device is showing symptoms of overheating, battery draining, circuit burning, physical damage, etc., this error can occur anytime.

Software Problem

Apart from hardware related problems, your Apple gadget can also have software issues. This include issues like restoration of iDevice from iTunes or iCloud, iOS updates, virus/malware attack, third-party app installation and more. For some users, entering incorrect Apple ID or password multiple times can also block their access. Hence, this kind of situation may feel like experiencing the error of iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

Jailbreaking Problem

For some reasons if your iPhone has been jailbroken recently, it can freeze the device on its home screen. Many experts suggest jailbreaking their iPhones in order to utilize additional hidden features. However, your Apple device can develop the tendency to crash or stuck due to the installation of unreliable applications from suspicious sources.

What are the Methods to Get your iPhone Unstuck from Apple Logo?

So, while troubleshooting iPhones that can’t move beyond the Apple logo, you will have to consider the specific error before applying the fixes. Hence, let’s take a look at some of the common categories of iPhone issues related to a frozen screen with the Apple icon.

Problem 1- iPhone Screen is Frozen or Black During an Ongoing Task

This is one of the most common issues that a majority of Apple iPhone users are facing. This can result in turning your screen black with/without the brand’s icon on it. In some devices, it can freeze the gadget and doesn’t allow past the home screen.


When your iPhone displays this problem while being in a working state, you can attempt a force restart on it. Users can easily try this tip if their device’s screens are black or it is frozen after showing the Apple symbol. As there is no fear of loss of data after force restarting the iPhone, you can try these steps easily. So, follow the step-wise guidance for resolving iPhone 7 stuck on Apple logo and other iOS versions.

Instructions for iPhone 8 and/or Later

You can immediately resolve this issue by pressing and releasing the tab of Volume Up quickly. After this, repeat the same process with your iPhone’s Volume Down button as well. Then, you need to keep pressing and holding the Side tab unless the screen displays the logo of Apple.

Steps for iPhone 7 and/or 7 Plus

For those who are using these iDevice models, try to press and hold device’s Side as well as Volume Down tabs. Make sure to continue this gesture for 10-20 seconds and release the buttons after seeing the Apple icon.

Guidance for iPhone 6s, 6 and/or Before

If you come across iPhone 6s stuck on Apple logo or similar issue with the earlier iOS, follow these steps. Here, you need to keep pressing and holding Home as well as Side tabs for 10-15 seconds. If you are not sure about when to release both these buttons, wait until you observe the Apple logo on the iPhone.

Problem 2- iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo When the iDevice is Starting Up

When you come across the issue of iPhone freezing on the home screen, it has a few surest signs to distinguish. So, it can appear as a blue or red screen while carrying out the startup process for iPhones. In addition to that, you can also experience this error in the form of the screen not moving past the Apple icon.


To resolve your iPhone 8, 6s, 6 or iPhone 7 stuck on Apple logo, you can try the following steps.  

Your first task is to establish a connection between your PC and iPhone. After that, access your iTunes account or install the app from the Apple Store. If you don’t know how to install iTunes or your iDevice, you can take help from an Apple technician.

Now, while both the iPhone and computer are in connection with each other, try to force restart your iDevice. But, the instructions for rebooting your iPhone can vary according to the iOS version used in it. Hence, you need to check your device specification and apply the steps based on its model number and OS details.

Steps for iPhone 6s and Earlier iDevices

In order to troubleshoot the problem of iPhone 6 stuck on Apple logo during startup, you can try these steps.


So, press and hold the buttons of Top/Side and Home simultaneously. You have to keep holding these tabs unless the recovery-mode appears on your screen.

Instructions for iPhone 7 and/or 7 Plus

For those who are experiencing this issue in these devices, you need to press and hold the tabs for Volume Down and Side at the same time. Try not to release these buttons until your screen displays the recovery mode.

Steps to Apply for iPhone 8 and Later

If you are using recent iDevices such as iPhone 8 and above versions, start with pressing the tab of Volume Up and release it quickly. Next, press and release the button for Volume Down also and do this quickly. Finally, press and hold the Side tab on your iPhone and wait for the recovery mode screen.  

In this article, hopefully, you have got some valuable information regarding iPhone stuck on Apple logo and its underlying causes. If your iDevice keeps showing this error after applying these above fixes, you can contact an Apple technician to troubleshoot this problem without much hassle.