Know Amazing Ways On How To Bypass Apple Id Activation

There is a feature within the ‘Find My iPhone’ section called “iCloud Activation Lock”. This feature is available with all the Apple handheld devices, which prevent others from unlocking the device if it gets stolen or lost. The ‘iCloud Activation Lock’ feature gets enabled when you sign into the ‘Find My iPhone’ application. When you get a lost or stolen device, then in order to use it, or to unlock the iPhone you must have to know how to bypass Apple Id activation.

There can be various reasons as to why you need to bypass the activation of the Apple ID. Some of the common causes are that if the device that you have got has been lost by someone, then there is a need to get some knowledge on how to bypass the activation of Apple ID. Moreover, if you have got back your lost iPhone, then also you must know how to bypass the activation Apple ID as this should be beneficial.

Guidelines to Remove the Message Bypass Apple Id Activation:

In this section of the article, you will get various guidelines that will certainly help you to  bypass Apple Id activation.

Process to Bypass the Activation of Apple ID Temporarily:

Here, at this point, you will get the temporary solutions on how to create a diversion to unlock the iPhone without Apple ID activation. Here are the steps to do so.

  • First, input the Apple ID and password, as this will give you accessibility to the iPhone.
  • When you have logged in to the device, then go to the ‘Settings’ application.
  • Within that window, choose the ‘Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store’ option. This will open a page with the name ‘Apple ID’.
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  • Now, on the next page having the similar name as an option on the last line, go down to choose the ‘Reset’ option. After that, in a page named ‘Reset’, select the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option.
  • As soon as you do this, then a confirmation prompt will come up. From there, choose the ‘Allow’ button. This action will instantly format the iPhone completely and after that, you can use it normally.
  • If do not know the password, then also there a way to reset the device fully. For that, go to the page of Apple ID and then follow the information present there carefully.

Permanent Solution to Bypass Apple ID Activation:

This is the permanent solution that will help you to in performing Apple Id activation lock bypass procedure. Follow the steps on how to do it correctly.

  • First, locate and tap on the ‘Settings’ application. After that, choose the Wi-Fi’ option.
  • Now, if the ‘Wi-Fi’ is not active, then toggle the switch to ‘On’ position. After that, just below it you will get the active Wi-Fi network, go to right and then tap on the ‘i’ icon.
  • This will reveal the settings of the network in it, delete all the current DNS addresses. Then according to the location of the place you stay, input anyone out the following DNS – “For USA –”, “For Asia –”, “For the rest of the world –” and “For Europe –”.
  • Once the correct DNS has been put in place, then tap the ‘Back’ arrow present on the upper left corner of the screen. Next, hit the ‘Done’ option.
  • When you see the page having the ‘Activate iPhone’ heading within it, just tap on the link ‘Activation Help’.
  • Finally, if everything is done correctly, then there will be a message,`You have successfully connected to my server’.

Use the Reliable Application to Bypass Apple Id Activation Lock:

This point will provide you with steps on how to bypass the Apple ID activation via a reliable application. In order to do that, follow the lines underneath.

  • First, from the ‘Settings’ application, disable the ‘Find My iPhone’ option on the device.
  • After that, open the Mac computer and then go to a web browser. In it, search for a good reliable software that can unlock the iPhone.
  • When the search gets over, then select an application with high ratings and visit the official website. From there, download the setup file. Once the download is completed, run the setup file and install it.
  • After the installation, click the program on the Dock to open it.
  • Next, connect the iPhone to the computer and then, set the device in DFU mode.
  • Then, on the program, tap on the ‘Start’ button.
  • Now, from the list of models on the next page that appears, choose the correct option and then click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • At this moment, allow the application to do its work. This process may take half an hour to complete, so be calm.
  • When the process gets over, then the device will restart.
  • Finally, be sure to reset the iPhone again, so that it will become as good as a new one.


In order to bypass Apple ID activation, you just need to follow the above steps carefully. But even after following those points, if you find that still this issue cannot be resolved, then just give details on the comment section provided below.