How To Connect Mac to TV Wirelessly Without Apple TV: Amazing Tips At Your Fingertips

Movies are one of the biggest attractions and in this fast-pacing world of digitalization, Mac TV can certainly be an amazing platform of home entertainment for all movie buffs. And watching a movie on big screens is a passion for each and every movie lovers. This accounts for the reason why many users prefer watching films on either LCD or LED TV or even for that matter a projector.  For all such voracious film lovers, Apple TV is a companion to cherish for life. In this respect, many users wonder how to connect Mac to TV wirelessly without Apple TV.

Why do you Need to Connect Mac to TV Wirelessly Without Apple TV?

In this light, Airplay, which accounts for Apple’s built-in screen mirroring deserves a special mention. The iOS devices in question enable smooth and unhindered streaming of movies or music on big screens. Besides, an additional advantage is that Airplay also allows the user to play games even from your iPhones to any other device that supports this feature.

Also, Airplay enables you to mirror your Mac content on big screens. However, the only problem that might hold you back from availing Airplay or Apple TV is its expensiveness. This is the only reason why many users try to connect their Mac TV wireless without Apple TV. Keeping such concerns in mind, in this article, we have offered you amazing tricks to connect Mac to TV wirelessly without Apple TV.

How to Connect Mac to TV Wirelessly Without Apple TV?  Brilliant Hacks that you Must Try

Under this section, we are going to offer you the most workable strategies availing which, you can easily connect Mac to TV wirelessly without an Apple TV. Take a look

Method 1: Avail Lightning Digital AV Adaptor in order to Connect Mac to TV Without Apple TV.


Indeed one of the smartest tricks to connect Mac to the TV without Apple TV is to avail Lightning Digital AV Adaptor Such Adaptors are immensely effective in mirroring whatever is displayed on your Mac TV on big screens. Take a look at the instructions that you need to follow in order to use the AV Adaptor.



  • First and foremost, you must connect your Mac iOS device to the AV Adaptor. Thereafter, you need to connect the Adaptor to the Samsung TV by means of an HDMI cable.
  • Then, make use of a lightning cable in order to turn on the power of the Adaptor.
  • And just in case, you want to connect your Mac to the TV without WiFi, you can charge your iOS device by means of an additional slot. Following this, you can turn on your TV later.
  • Thereafter, you need to surf through your channels and trace out the HDMI port to which you have plugged in your device.

Once done, you can now start mirroring the movie or video streaming on your Mac iOS device effortlessly.

Method 2: Make Use of an iOS Recorder to Connect your Mac to TV Wirelessly Without Apple TV


In case the first solution proved ineffective, don’t feel dejected. You can perform this second method easily by means of an iOS Recorder. This particular recorder will enable you to record all the videos as well as other contents on your Mac iOS device most easily and that too within minutes. Besides, you can also record your contents and mirror them any time and under any circumstances. In order to do this, you need to simply install an iOS Recorder on your PC and follow the remaining steps mentioned below.



  • First and foremost, you need to run the iOS Screen Recorder. For this, you need to first download and then install the program on your PC. Once installed, run the application.
  • Following this, you must connect your iOS device as well as your PC to either your Local Area Network or WiFi.
  • Then, just mirror your iOS device to your PC. In case you are using version 7/ 8/9, you simply need to swipe your cursor up from the bottom of your screen.
  • Thereafter, you need to run the Control Center and press on Airplay. Further, select iOS Screen Recorder. However, if you are using iOS 10, then while the rest of the procedure is just the same, here, you have to press upon the AirPlay Mirroring option and choose the desired iOS Recorder.
  • Now, you should face no problem in connecting your Mac to TV wirelessly without Apple TV.

Concluding Note

With this, it’s time for us to wrap up. Here is a small piece for all our readers. That is, in case, you are looking for easy and effective ways of how to connect a Mac to TV wirelessly without Apple TV, we shall strongly recommend you to consider the methodologies that we have suggested above. The tricks we offered are proven and indeed the most effective for you. So try them out at once without wasting any further time and get yourself entertained even better.